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My name is Rodney Parks, a ​customer service-oriented individual with over 18 years in IT and Business Applications, and over 33 years in business management and entrepreneurship. I have always put forth a strong commitment to deliver a robust customer responsive service and dedication to projects and task driven environments. 

​Because of having a commonsense and “big-picture” vision and approach, accompanied by a strong technical and business background, grants more than just a “worker-bee” existence. All of my experience and background gives me an insight to how all aspects of a business should run and the importance of not only my role, but other positions as well.

Loving new challenges and learning new things, I have acquired a wide array of skills and experience. I have a really strong background in the automotive world and gained my business strengths from running my own shop since the 80's. Through the large variety of training from my previous positions, I am confident that my combination of talent and ambition is a valuable asset.

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Professional Strengths

My years in Automotive, IT and Business Applications has built and strengthened my skills and talents in many areas and with many tools and applications. 

  • WordPress - Development, Blogging
  • Graphics - Logos, Images, Banners, Intros
  • Video - Creation, Editing
  • SEO - Keywords, Phrases, Readability
  • Landing Page Creations
  • ERP Systems - CMS, JD Edwards, Mapics
  • Documentation - eBooks, Instructional
  • SharePoint 2003-2013
  • ASE Certified Mechanic
  • Systems Analyst
  • Help Desk Support and Management
  • Database Administration
  • Project Management
  • Efficiency Analyst
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Asset and Procurement Management
  • Professional and Friendly Attitude
  • Professional Auto Body and Paint Tech

Even though I believe skills are incredibly valuable, I strongly am convinced that attitude and personality are as equally important. My biggest strength is being altruistic, I have a genuine concern for others. It is important to me to be an asset to any job or project I am involved with. Every venture I am Involved with, I give it 100%. 

It is always nice to make money from a job, after all, that is what keeps us motivated and is the biggest incentive to work. However I am not about the money, sure I want to get paid but I want to be happy knowing that I under promised and over delivered to my customers.

Recent Projects

​The whole year of ​2018 ​was a difficult one as I lost the last of my family and had to settle out the family estate. It was a trying time and put my life and business on hold. However I have been ramping back up the business and have been creating Logos, Banners and a few websites. I know that proof is in the pudding so I will demo some examples below: 

Logo Samples
RDPShop Info Logo creations
Who can create logos
Buy Logs Online
Banner Samples
Landing Page Samples
Samples of RDPShop Landing pages
Website Samples

My own websites can be examples as I have had them for some many years. I also have done some for clients. All the logos and graphics were my creations as I am usually a full service developer.

​Intro Samples

​Most of my intro videos are used for YouTube videos but have been and can be used for any type of video creation. 


I could share more but this is just a small sample. I will be adding a demo page in the near future, so keep checking back...

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